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In a Race of ‘O’ Graders

Manisha Arya (Batch of 2019)
In a race of ‘O’ graders,
She knew, she had to do academically better,
So yet another time she made up her mind,
to submit a legit project and on time.
She made a schedule and a structure too,
She had never followed a schedule, have you?
Repetitive topics and redundant rules,
Everyone knows the truth, who do they fool?
She sat to research but thoughts were disturbing,
All creative ideas, not related to projects, her mind was gathering.
5000 words, but she thought she got no skill,
Is it about talent or a person’s will?
She tries and tries but there is no interest,
In poetry, writing, sports, her passions vest.
So, she writes a poem instead of a researching sham,
Do not lose respect for your real talents,
because of a piece of paper that you scam.

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