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The Quirk Team

The Editorial Team

Aditya Singh Chawla (Batch of 2017) overcame his crippling fear of commitment to be part of this team. He can be reached at

Ashi Mehta (Batch of 2021) is your quintessential cat lady. When she’s not busy re-reading a classic novel, she can be reached at

Mallika Sen (Batch of 2021), overachieving type A, can be found stressing about the stress in her stressful life. She can be reached at

Megha Mehta (Batch of 2019) We loved Sakhi so much that we got another one in. Megha joined Quirk go see if there’s anything left in law school she can’t excel at. She can be reached at

Radhika Goyal (Batch of 2019) is a feminist who loves Mean Girls and has the ultimate resting bitch face. She can be reached out to at

Sakhi Shah (Batch of 2017) is rumoured to have helped more people pass than re-evals. She can be contacted at

We’d like to thank Gautham Rao Polusany (Batch of 2016) for his help in setting up the new version of Quirk. We would also like to express our gratitude to our Vice-Chancellor, Professor R. Venkata Rao for all his support in making this edition of Quirk possible.

Former Team Members

Aditya Patel (Batch of 2016):

Apurva Shukla (Batch of 2016):

Spadika Jayaraj (Batch of 2016):

Shivam Singla (Batch of 2016):

Osho Chhel (Batch of 2018):

Shikhar Garg (Batch of 2018):