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The Quirk Team

The Editorial Team

Aman Vasavada (Batch of 2021): Resident memelord and existential teetotaler, he can be reached at while he’s probably stargazing or watching anime in the library basement.

Ashi Mehta (Batch of 2021) is your quintessential cat lady. When she’s not busy re-reading a classic novel, she can be reached at

Dhanush Dinesh (Batch of 2020) is the standard-issue geek who tries to be edgy on 4chan to kill time. You can reach him at to buy or sell the finest gossip on the block.

Garvit Sharma (Batch of 2021) is our on-demand rant machine, and, contrary to appearance, not a cuddly teddy bear. While he will burn you if you get too close, you can still reach him at

Jwalika Balaji (Batch of 2023) is that dazzling sparkle of sunshine that can brighten up even the worst of your Monday mornings. When she’s not rushing around campus, (literally, she’s everywhere) or picking out quirky earrings, she can be reached at

Lakshmi Nambiar (Batch of 2023) can be spotted from a mile away in her neon pink jacket, perennially handing out Mallu food, wrapped in a smile and positive vibes. She can be found at, or at Chetta every night at 12, when she’s getting high on lemon tea.

Mallika Sen (Batch of 2021), overachieving type A, can be found stressing about the stress in her stressful life. She can be reached at

Megha Mehta (Batch of 2019): We loved Sakhi so much that we got another one. Megha joined Quirk to see if there’s anything left in law school she can’t excel at. She can be reached at

Mukta Joshi (Batch of 2019) is the girl with the DSLR your momma warned you about. Usually has her hands full planning world domination by oversensitive women and writing fiery op-eds. She can be reached at for those interested, but she only loves her bed and her dog, she’s (not) sorry.

Radhika Goyal (Batch of 2019) is a feminist who loves Mean Girls and has the ultimate resting bitch face. She can be reached out to at

Riddhi RS (Batch of 2022) is your classic Tumblr teenage girl whose two ambitions in life are to write a book and to get arrested someday. She can be reached at

Smriti Kalra (Batch of 2021): Self-proclaimed ‘Fairy Squad Mother’, she can ace a debate, plan your next Zomato Gold spree and attend to her mails at, all at the same time. Will guarantee “awww” at your life story.

Vignesh Ramakrishnan (Batch of 2022) is your unfriendly neighbourhood polyglot who can swear on Counterstrike servers as well as argue for the freedom of memes, in 7 languages. You can reach him at and plot a riot against Hindi imposition.

We’d like to thank Gautham Rao Polusany (Batch of 2016) for his help in setting up the new version of Quirk. We would also like to express our gratitude to our Vice-Chancellor, Professor R. Venkata Rao for all his support in making this edition of Quirk possible.

Former Team Members

Aditya Patel (Batch of 2016):

Aditya Singh Chawla (Batch of 2017):

Apurva Shukla (Batch of 2016):

Isha Jain (Batch of 2018):

Osho Chhel (Batch of 2018):

Sakhi Shah (Batch of 2017):

Shikhar Garg (Batch of 2018):

Shivam Singla (Batch of 2016):

Spadika Jayaraj (Batch of 2016):